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I'm a cybersecurity industry veteran. There is a lot of the public, especially laymen, do not understand - things like deep packet inspection, spending millions of dollars, etc. will NOT protect you forever. It can reduce the chances, but never eliminate them.

Ransomware works on targeted attacks using novel (IE, campaign made/zero day) malware. All you need is one idiot to open that email with the bad attachment and execute the program to attack the targeted exploit.

Companies like the ones I've worked have made billions (literally) trying mitigate threats like this, but they will never be entirely eliminated because the weakest link in the chain are the humans being targeted by what, to them, looks like something specific. The most successful avenue of attack is called spearphishing - targeting a specific, high profile, person who has enough information available online to provide clues on how to get them to click on something they shouldn't.

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