We tiptoe around race and crime. Let's stomp a bit, as long as racists are underfoot.
The leaders of the Buckhead cityhood movement have handwaved away serious constitutional issues about debt and schools. Those issues had an airing…
A state senator from Atlanta speaking frankly about guns, gangs and Buckhead sausage-making at the capitol's back rooms.
Governor Shotgun wants to earn that title properly, Atlanta's gun crime problem be damned.
Let's lay down a few markers, between you and me, about what we expect 2022 to do ... to us.
Gentrification in Atlanta is fundamentally racist. So is calling the fight against gentrification "racist."
"People have a shorter fuse. It’s almost like – ennui – like a cloud that hangs over society itself.”
The last real-ass trap house in Capitol View is gone. In Atlanta, that has to mean something.
The city has seen a sharp decline in violence over the last few weeks. Something is happening.
A man was killed in the hunt for the Amber Alert-level abduction of Blaise Barnett last month. His death deserves more attention.
And I'm offering it at a discount for the holidays.
DeKalb Police shot Christian Dewayne Smith dead in the back of a patrol car after he "produced" a handgun. After looking at bodyworn camera video, I…