Second Suspect Identified in Secoriea Turner Murder

Jerrion McKinney's name emerged in court today, as defense attorneys recuse themselves for conflicts of interest.

This morning, a preliminary hearing for Julian Conley revealed that a second gunman is associated with the Independence Day murder of eight-year-old Secoriea Turner last year during militant protests.

Jerrion A. McKinney, 19, of Stone Mountain is charged with aggravated assault with Conley, in an event that happened a few minutes before Turner was shot and killed.

I spoke briefly with McKinney's mom on Saturday. She confirmed he went to the armed protest site, but denied the rest ... before throwing me off her porch.

It's all coming out now, but I've been trying to reach the victim in that case since the weekend. I found out about all of this in a clever open records request Thursday.

Apparently, Chris McCord, former chairman of Neighborhood Planning Unit Y — the area near the site of the Brooks shooting and protest — went down to the Wendy's to observe the armed idiocy on the same night. Conley and McKinney pointed their guns at him, hence the assault charge. It happened about 10 minutes before Conley is alleged to have shot Turner.

The report was filed in September, even though the incident occurred in July, which is perhaps why it has gone unnoticed before now. McKinney was arrested in October.

This revelation raises questions.

Where were the police, exactly, when this went down? How do they have enough information to charge Conley with murder but not McKinney? Why are we only now learning of this?

The case is weird.